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Valued Homeowner

It would be nice if everything we set out to do in life went the way we meant it to. We take risks and join our lives and financial well-being in business, in friendships, and even deeper, in marriage. The splitting of couples and families is like an earthquake that levels everyone around and sometimes, few are left standing in one piece. The house you two bought together is there, but only on the outside.

I HAVE LIVED THIS. When I went through my divorce, I dealt with the emotions of a splitting marriage on top of what we would do about the house. We had constant fights, going back and forth about who would get to claim it; the splitting of our incomes and wondering how I would afford to keep the place on my own. I wondered if I even wanted to keep my house at times and be responsible for maintaining it. I had more stress coming from multiple angles and I would have loved to have an option available to me like what I’m presenting to you.

Your reasons may not be the same, and I understand that.

If you fear the SAFETY of your family because of domestic violence, we encourage you and your kids to flee and file a temporary custody order, not to mention getting an attorney. Even with violence off the table, divorce creates a tension for the whole family. Get out if you must. Establish child custody with your local court and authorities and write out the intentions of both parts beforehand for your children.

Sometimes, the splitting of your income is not in your best interest. One or both of you may move out. This is one of the first decisions you two will have to make early on in the divorce process. Have each of you considered if your individual incomes and assets would guarantee you a loan? Keep in mind that each state has different laws for the handling of your house during a divorce. Keep an inventory of what belongs to whom with pictures as well. Moving out doesn’t absolve either party from financial responsibility for the mortgage and insurance. NO VERBAL AGREEMENTS! Write everything down, sign it and notarize with witnesses if needed. Give copies to your representatives. I’m not your lawyer, I’m your informer. The last thing I’d want you to do is to feel like you didn’t have options or were stuck in a corner.

You may also be considering a buyout if one or both of you has the money upfront. In other words, one of you is able to purchase the other’s equity and sell the house to the other. You are able to skip listing, showing and marketing the property. But sometimes, there isn’t enough peace between you two to make this work and you may end up feeling like you’re giving money to your spouse, instead of walking away with it.

A short sale with your lender could get you a “NOT PAID AS AGREED” notation on your mortgage loan. The benefit is that you settle on your house, but the loss is that both of you walk away with nothing AND your credit still suffers.


Here is what you and your spouse can do and benefit from in this sensitive situation, AND IT TAKES YEARS, MONTHS AND WEEKS LESS THAN WHAT THE ABOVE DOES—

  • Sell your house to me for cash, with no costs to you
  • Sell me your house and get the equity out of it, and you can split the assets evenly
  • The cash from selling to me could provide a residence away from the home and lessen the chance of dissension and arguments- A FRESH START IS ALWAYS GOOD!
  • You don’t have to wait for a realtor to drag out your already long divorce process-YOU CAN CLOSE WITH ME IN AS LITTLE AS A WEEK FOR CASH
  • Avoid foreclosure, unnecessary debt, and bank hassles
  • Save your credit history, future loan options and more
  • Avoid multiple showings, canceled sales, and months on the market
  • Settle quickly and quietly without added conflict in front of your family and friends
  • I will pay for the repairs, closing costs and all fees
  • Receive my NO OBLIGATION FAIR CASH OFFER for your home
  • Increase what you two walk away from, instead of decreasing

Everything in life isn’t easy. But neither is everything in life hard. I want to provide the relief to you that I needed when I was in your shoes. All you have to do is call me at 480-360-7006  anytime, or email me at CASH@YesPleazeBuyMyHouse.com.  I’ll be here from day one to the last day. Let’s get you out and on with your lives!